Research: An Evaluation of Requisite Parenting  

Developing a model of Optimal Black Parenting 

Funded by Barnardo’s SEEN Agile Innovation Fund in 2020, and supported by the University of East Anglia’s School of Social Work and Sociology research fund, this piece of research aimed to contribute to the body of knowledge on parenting Black children. Requisite parenting style builds on Baumrind’s (1971, 1996) established theory of parenting styles; it acknowledges parents’ deep concerns about the profound negative effects of Afrophobia (anti-Black racism) and poverty on their Black children’s potential to thrive.

The study highlights the challenges of parenting Black children in spaces with significant structural inequalities, such as multi-racial societies, while evaluating and developing a parenting approach which centres those challenges.  

Requisite parenting has six principles: selfless love, pride, adaptability, resourcefulness, courage, and spirituality (SPARCS). 


The views expressed are those of the author and not necessarily shared by Barnardo’s, as is the case with chosen language and terminology 

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