About Us

We are a Barnardo’s initiative to build a core foundation of knowledge, a network of people and advocacy for those with authentic experience.

Our Mission

Is to create systemic change by challenging structural inequalities that impede opportunities for a fair and equitable future for children and young people of African, Asian and Caribbean heritage to fulfil their full potential  

Our Vision

Is to ensure the UK’s structures of power provide equitable care, opportunity and understanding for children and young people of African, Asian and Caribbean heritage.  

We will do this in partnership with others across all sectors, understanding that we cannot do this alone. 

Our Goal

Is to create better outcomes for more African, Asian and Caribbean heritage children and young people. 

We are working to build:

  • Stronger families 
  • Safer childhoods
  • Positive futures 

Our key areas

At the Centre, we focus on four key areas of work evidence and insight tells us children and young people of African, Asian and Caribbean heritage are most impacted. These four areas are interconnected:

Our Impact

We work to ensure our partners and stakeholders feel SEEN and heard during our journey, and that we will work in partnership with them.
We have consulted with 100+ children and young people
We have engaged with 47+ stakeholders
We are partnering with 20+ grassroots organisations


Our diverse and passionate team comprised of project and programme managers are working hard to deliver projects which create a system change in challenging structural inequalities in the UK. You can find out more on our projects page.


Our community partners, comprised of young people, community and third sector organisations help to advise us on the direction of our projects impacting communities. You can find out more on our partnerships page.


Our Advisory Board, comprised of key academic, statutory and community partners provide us with strategic direction and management. The Advisory Board meets quarterly.